August 25, 2021

Making Your Home Stand Out

In the world of real estate and mortgage, we see the competitive nature of the market and how fast homes can go. In the market currently, it does not take much to get your home sold because of the atmosphere of the sellers market so how do you get your home to stand out? What happens when the market cools down and selling tapers out to a point where buyers need to be convinced to purchase? We have a few ideas to help you with that!

Getting your home to stand out:

Make sure your home showcases your own neighborhood

Most often, sellers like to make sure they market their homes and the specific features that make their homes stand out. However, most do not take into account that their neighborhood can be a contributing factor to the sale of their home. Most buyers would like to live in an ideal neighborhood where they can see their families grow and where they can also envision a good community to be a part of. Showcasing your neighborhood really does give potential a piece of mind knowing that they would be moving into a home that has a safe and friendly community surrounding it. After all, a house can look amazing, but if the surrounding neighborhood is not something a family can get comfortable living in, then that might be the deal breaker.

What defining features make your home unique?

Let's face it, we all have a few little things we love about our homes like spacious living rooms or proximity to surrounding shopping centers and more. Some homes have custom work done that have added value to the property and others have pools to cool off in during the hot months of the year. Each home has unique features, but to get your home to stand above the rest will require you to highlight the features that you think the prospective buyer will have on their "must-have" list. That could be an open floor plan for families who have a lot of kids or for the new couple that wants more space, to new appliances in the kitchen that can hit the heart of a buyer who happens to enjoy cooking. Whatever the case may be, the features in your home are essentially a list of things that make your home a cut above the rest. Sometimes, certain features are deal makers even if the price point is at the ceiling of a buyers budget so you simply just never know who will want to purchase.

Disclosing does not just apply to realtors

Realtors have the task of being required to disclose anything wrong with a property, but that dosent mean you can't get ahead of the curve and share with prospective buyers the elements of the home that are in need of disclosure. What can even be a good idea is to showcase the repairs or fixes that have been made to the home that you would have had to disclose anyway. The house will already be inspected and looked over so why not put your buyers in the drivers seat with a sense of comfort that their prospective purchase has covered the repairs and fixes that do not have to come out of their pocket.

Staging and welcoming scents

You might have walked a model home once or twice before and have seen your share of beautifully decorated and staged homes that are just waiting for their buyers to come. Why not put the same treatment towards your own home when it's on the market? Update the decor as best you can (after all you can take it with you to your next home) and maybe even try filling your home with a welcoming scent that will bring your prospective buyers into not just a home but an experience. Putting buyers into visualizing themselves in your home is the best place to have them before putting pen to paper.

At the core of a home purchase, buyers look for all sorts of different things but if you can make your home look and feel like a place a buyer can see themselves living in then you are on the right track to making your home the next one off the market!


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